Bakit kaya madaming HINDI nagustuhan ung FIRST day of school nila ?

  • hmm. ung iba wala sa mood :|
  • ung iba naman parang usual nalang ang FIRST day of school nila.
  • ung iba hindi nagustuhan kase nakita nila ung ENEMY nila.
  • pero pinaka da BEST talaga na dahilan ee ung sabihin na HINDI ko nagustuhan kase nakita ko ung PROFESSOR ko na binagsak ako kase BINASTED ko. haha :P

For more REASONS, just reply to this post :D haha

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Love is unpredictable.

Ang love napaka unpredictable, akala mo sa una siya na pero hindi mo alam hindi pa pala. Sa una kase kapag nasubukan mo na masaya pero habang tumatagal parang nagiging complicated tapos parang may hinahanap ka na wala sakanya pero sa iba nakita mo. kaya hirap talaga pag pumapasok sa relation parang hirap ng magbackout lalo na naka pangako ka na sakanya.

kaya dapat ang love pinagiisipan ng madaming beses, kung sa tingin mo naisip mo na isipin mo ulit na ilang ulit. para hindi ka magkamali.


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Everyday, I Still Think of You


Would you believe months have passed

You and I still love each other..

We may not see and feel it,

But deep inside, we still have feelings each other


Even thougn I always keep it,

I felt bad when you left me..

But after all of this,

I realized, we would be much happy


I already knew, you have forgotten me..

But for me, its only a fresh memory

Everyday, I still think of you

I always keep it, so somehow you won”t know the truth


We had a promise, we won’t leave each other

We keep it ‘till it last forever..

The pain won’t make me tough,

But because of you I learned how to be satisfied with just enough


You’re the one who walked away

Even though you left me, I’ll be forever here to stay

Now  you’re far away from me

Even if you’re free, I still need you for me to be happy


Now we still keep in touch

You didn’t knew my whole world is frowning in the flood

You always see me as a strong and happy person,

But inside of me, its a dry and rough season


As you walked away, everything has changed..

I’m not that strong baby, but that’s just reality

I’m always a fighter, but without you, I give up

And now you see the changes in me because of my every teardrops


I thought I could resist the pain

But I was all wrong..

As I think of you in the middle of the rain

Whatever I do, the heartche and pain remains the same


I think its time for us to see

We have to be apart

Deep inside, it hurts so bad..

But we have to accept the fact that you and I weren’t meant to be.


And you’ve said goodbye

But please give me one more try..

I love you, but we’ll have to sacrifice..

And face tomorrow on our seperate lives…

By; lhimez


Hihi, tapos na din siya.

Meron pa ako isa, kaso di ko pa nagagawa. :))

Please like na po sa mga makakabasa. Thankyou! :))))

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